Dan Marek



Growing up in rural Indiana set the tone for connecting food to the land that it came from. Moving to Chicago helped see how to compose those ingredients into something magical. Working out of Austin helped share the vision of plant-based eating nationwide.

Homegrown Vegetarian

Catering, Cooking Classes, and Apparel.


Homegrown Vegetarian hosts Dan's catering business, cooking classes, and the apparel company Rooted Tees. 

Homegrown Vegetarian plant-based catering is available for private suppler clubs, parties, events, and company delivery upon request. Check out the full menu for ideas on menus, but a consultation is always recommended. 

Supper Clubs are hosted at the customer's home or a rented space and is a full service event for a small party (usually 6-10 people at each event). Please contact info@homegrownvegetarian.com for more info. 


Dan also hosts a variety of plant-based cooking classes that are available at you home or a rented space. There is also a "Chef's Table" option where Dan sets up a 'cooking show' like experience at your house and shows you how to cook a meal in your own kitchen. All options are hands on except the Chef's Table. 

Rooted Tees is Dan's apparel company selling t-shirts with a purpose - "Because Vegetables Need Advertising Too."
A host of designs are available and a new one comes out each month. Rooted Tees is also proud to host the apparel collection for the Sarno Brother's Wicked Healthy brand. Custom orders are also available after consultation. 


Whole Kids

Gardens, Salad Bars, Education.



The Healthy Teachers Program is designed to provide teachers and school staff with nutrition inspiration and healthy cooking techniques to transform their own wellbeing, serve as healthy role models for their students, and be the change agents in their own communities. 


Created in partnership with FoodCorps, the School Garden Grant program provides a $2,000 monetary grant to a K-12 school, or a non-profit working in partnership with a K-12 school, to support a new or existing edible garden on school grounds. 


Salad bars are a viable component of a federally reimbursed school lunch. The cost for one freestanding, mobile salad bar grant is $2,625. This includes everything a school needs to get started: the bar, chill pads, pans and tongs. Each salad bar can serve a school for 10 years, which makes it incredibly cost effective!